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Dogs With Jobs

Over 15 thousand years ago dogs where domesticated for the purpose of helping humans hunt, herd and protect. Dogs where selectively bred with the sole intention of whichever dog worked the best was selected and bred with another dog of similar capabilities. This is how dog breeds began!

The majority of dogs now have the purpose of cuddle buddy, all though breed traits still remain. How many owners know the origin of their dogs breed? Not only is it great to know why your breed acts and looks the way it does, but this can also be an amazing tool for training! Knowing what your dogs drives and motivations are can work in your favour and can also enrich your dogs life!

Man Trailing

Mantrailing is when a dog uses his nose to find a person, because they are missing or maybe just for fun. The dogs are given an item of a persons clothing, contaminated with the scent of the person to sniff. Then the dogs can follow these trails of scent to locate that specific person.

This life saving skill is used by search and rescue, police and military forces across the world. However, Mantrailing is not just for use by professionals, but is also a great activity for anyone who wants to spend quality time with their

dog. Ideal for those breeds such as Bassets & Beagles!

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Dock Diving

"Canine Aquatic Sport, also known as dock diving or dock jumping, is a sport in which dogs jump from a deck (dock) into a large swimming pool (or

body of water) and compete against each other for distance (the long jump for dogs), height (the high jump for dogs) or speed (the sprint for dogs)." - K9 Aqua Sports. Great for those dogs which love water. Naturally, Labradors excel at this sport! Check out:

Gun Dog Training

Gundog training helps to relieve boredom and keep dogs (and their owners) physically fit. The Gundog Club’s training scheme is perfect for pet gundogs who need a hobby. And for dog owners who want an obedient, well mannered friend! Gundog training involves training your dog to retrieve a dummy and follow obedience commands.

Dare I say it... Schutshund Training!

Schutzhund (now known a IPO) is German for Protection Dog! This dog sport derived from Germany and designed to evaluate a dog's character rather than simply evaluating the dogs appearance for breeding. Many breeds train for the IPO titles but the tests are demanding on the dog's ability to work under stress.

Before a dog can compete in IPO, it must pass a BH temperament test. This tests the dog's basic obedience and sureness around strange people, dogs, traffic and loud noises. A dog that exhibits excessive fear, distractibility or aggression will not pass the BH and thus cannot attempt the IPO titles. Most common breeds used in this sport are German Shepherds, Cane Corsos and Belgian Malinois and Rottweilers.

Urban Mushing

Urban mushing is a dog-powered activity where a dog (or dogs) runs and pulls a human on a wheeled vehicle, such as a scooter, bicycle (bikejoring), cart, skateboard, or even rollerblades (skatejoring).

Most of us do this in “urban” areas --- dirt trails, sidewalks, commuter pathways, both in and around city parks and neighborhoods. Even canicross – having your dog run and pull when you go for a run - is a form of urban mushing. And whenever possible, we also do engage in the fun winter activity of dogsledding and skijoring. Typically used for sled dogs however is also great for pointers!

Cani X

Canicross is the sport of cross country running with dogs. Originating in Europe as off-season training for the mushing community, it has become popular as a stand-alone sport all over Europe, especially in the UK. Great for Vizslas, Pointers, Huskies!

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Seeing your dog fully express who they are is a fascinating and truly amazing thing to witness! Not to mention the beauty of a well conditioned, fit dog!

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