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A New Start

Adopting a dog from a rescue or rehoming a dog can be a very rewarding experience and can make all the difference to a dogs life. With over 100,000 dogs in the UK needing homes there are an abundance of dogs to suit almost everyone. Rescue centres such as Dogs Trust and Homeless Hounds always have dogs up for adoption, or there are breed specific rescues if you are interested in a particular breed.

However, there are aspects to concider when adopting a new dog. The obvious ones are exercise, feeding and grooming. But I strongly recommending training classes, and help from the adoption centre or rescue centre on what your dog needs or help with to settle in.

Vet bills may be part of taking on an older dog, or a dog that hasnt been treated properly in their previous home. Insurance is a must have when adopting any dog, or buying a puppy.

Update their microchip details to ensure they are regisitered to you incase they escape or get lost on a walk.

Rehoming a dog is very much like bringing home a puppy, you need to teach them love, boundries, train them and get to know their individual personalities. But the outcome is so rewarding and you have a forever greatful dog by your side.

For anyone concidering rehoming or adopting a dog there is a great free course packed with lots of information at Canine Principles

Recently I have rehomed a Siberian Husky at 12 months old, who had already had 3 previous owners before me. With training, boundries and a little help from my other 5 dogs I now have another member of my pack and he has his forever home. He wont have to worry about being neglected or passed around home to home anymore.

Welcome to the family Creed x

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